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From start to completion, you’ll be happy you called us for your interior staining and painting services.

If you have ever handled interior painting yourself, you probably learned that it takes experience to get a professional result you are happy with. Hiring a painting contractor makes a world of difference, provided you choose one who has not only the experience you need, but is also dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Here at Complete Value Painting, we have been in business in Collingwood, Ontario since 1997 and have a staff with over 200 years of combined experience in finishing fine homes.

Our attention to detail goes beyond what you might expect, starting with the appropriate preparation work, such as drywall and wood issue repair, and using only quality materials and proven techniques to transform your rooms beautifully. We can take on large and small jobs with efficiency and timely completion without ever contracting the work out.

We cater to your needs, including working irregular hours if need be and addressing any concerns you might have, so you are as happy with the process as you are the results. With our staining and painting services, you can be confident your home will be rejuvenated with a result that lasts.

If you would like to enjoy the transformation that a finish can bring to your home or cottage, reach out to us to discuss your ambitions.  We listen to your unique needs and then deliver a service to match them. We keep the communication lines open, so you can feel comfortable throughout the project that your wishes are being honoured. Contact us today to learn more.